8Dio Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars KONTAKT

blendstrument paranormal guitars - 8Dio Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars KONTAKT
8Dio Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars KONTAKT | 22.59GB

8Dio Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars是一款独特的电影级脉冲设计工具,旨在创建我们都需要的那些独特的重磅炸弹脉冲,但要稍加扭曲。该库包含我们高度先进的随机化功能-使您可以创建无限数量的组合,并且永远不会产生相同的乐器两次。该库是由奥斯卡奖,TEC和GANG获奖作曲家,Troels Folmann和业内最佳音响设计师组成的团队创建的。

Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars本身包含11弦乐器的样本;马丁,十二弦吉他,多布罗,曼陀林,四弦琴,Schecter,电视广播员,Les Paul,Stratocaster,低音和无声吉他。每个乐器都包含数个循环,这些循环可以与无限数量的不同纹理组合。它是围绕创意世界构建的,只有Blendstrument的算法可以做到。我们还添加了最新的Chaos FX 3.3和全新的Panorama结构,该结构允许对每个样本层进行单独的调整和平移。

Blendstrument 超自然吉他是一种永恒的声音巧克力盒。你永远不会知道你会得到什么。但是我们保证,无论您创造什么,都将永远属于您自己。Pod已分发,因此Pod 1包含所有声学乐器,Pod 2包含电子乐器,这样您就可以在两个世界中创建独特的混音。该库实际上可以产生大量的新电影脉冲,并在每次使用时创建独特的内容。一键创建另一个世界。

Welcome to a new installment of our Blendstrument Series: Paranormal Guitars.

Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars is a distinctive Cinematic Pulse Design Tool, designed to create those unique blockbuster pulses we all need, but with a twist. The library contains our highly advanced randomization feature – allowing you to create an infinite amount of combinations and can never produce the same instrument twice. The library was created by Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer, Troels Folmann and a team of the best sound designers in the industry.

Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars contains in itself samples from 11-stringed instruments; a Martin, a 12- String Guitar, a Dobro, a Mandolin, a Ukulele, a Schecter, a Telecaster, a Les Paul, a Stratocaster, a Bass and a Silent guitar. Each instrument contains several amounts of loops that can be combined with an infinite amount of different textures. It is built around the creative world which only the Blendstrument´s algorithms can do it. We also added our newest Chaos FX 3.3 and a brand new Panorama architecture that allows individual tuning and panning of each sample layer.

Blendstrument Paranormal Guitar is an eternal box of sonic chocolate. You never know what you are gonna get. But we pledge whatever you create will eternally be yours and yours only. The Pods have been distributed so that Pod 1 contains all the acoustic instruments and Pod 2 the electric ones, that way you will be able to create unique blends from both worlds. The library is literally capable of producing an eternal amount of new cinematic pulses and create something unique every time you use it. It only takes one click to create another world.